Yeah, home depot is a no go. They don’t have room for me, so I’m now officially not a De Pot member any longer. Umm… not much really happened today. Just work and stuff… things are going pretty damn good there. I think that the assosiates are getting used to me. The know-it-all of the group isn’t looking at me like a moron as much any more.

Oh yeah, I played Unreal Tournament 2004 tonight and I BEAT JESSE TWICE at it. This may sound like no a big thing… maybe even egotistical gloating. BUT you have no idea. Were’ talking hundreds, nearing thousands of games here. Think of the game you know best. Now think of the best person you know personaly at that game. Now imagine, if you can, that some switch got tripped in you, and suddenly you’re as good as that person… maybe even a little better. That’s how I’m feeling right now. Normaly I am playing at my BEST by getting half Jesse’s score. Playing that well I’m feeling that I gave him a little compatition. Tonight, not only did I beat him… in the second game he was THIRD place. I’m savoring this moment while I can because Jesse HATES losing. BTW, this fact adds to this days sweetness since he’s a cocky little punk when he’s winning. Alas, I expect to be severely pounded back into my place tomorrow night.

Anyw00t… I got payed… wonder how I’ll spend it…

Hello, World?

Another day… another, not a whole lot to talk about. Well, Home Depot did call me tonight. Andy(Mr. Scheduler Guy) is trying to officialy deturmine that it is not worth Home Depots time, trouble, and money to keep the computer nerd with a pickey schedule. It would be SO COOL if they had me come back. It would completely suck as far as social life goes… but the money looks SO good too me right now. I can put so many things in my life streight and onward to better things with that hyper-boosted income. I could stand doing it through the holidays… probably until spring or even summer. I could get my car. Move out. Rebuff my computer. Get A+ Certified. Pay off Student Loans. And finally start saving for a house and a life beyond. Big dreams. Jurassic measures. Two words. Bring it!

BTW, the reason I mentioned re-buffing my computer… Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Just take a look at those screen shots and you’ll see. Yes. Those are SCREEN SHOTS!. That is what it looks like playing the game. Not perfectly life like… but technology is getting there. When you can see the leaves, leading to branches, leading to the trunks on the trees… then have light, and shadow on each part going to the right place depending on where the light is coming from. We’re talking aw-inspiring mathmatics. I have the screen shot of a knite on his horse as my wall paper right now. Have a look around at the Morrowind/Tribunal screen shots too see where they were last year. I can’t wait until 64bit processing becomes the norm for these developers to work with… more power, and very likely more speed. Drool. They have also done impressive things with the games AI too, but you can read their stuff to find out the goods on that. I don’t want to expose any more of my geekness at the moment.

Half Life 2 it’s coming out next month… it’s not AS pretty, but apparently is getting rated as the best game EVER by EVERY place that reviews computer games!

D in the H… Hillsboro that is

Well, I don’t work at Emoh De Pot any more. I only found out Saturday nightout when I checked the schedule. They took me off without telling me about it. Why am I not surprised. Actually I don’t care, not like I was emotionaly bonded to the place, I have so much interest in home maintainance you know. I’m happy to think that I wont be working for a Coorprate money machine any more. w00tage.

Spent my day off yesterday screwing around with Frontpage and made a layout for my website that I can be happy with. Only thing is that even though it worked in Frontpage, it came up with an error in Internet Explorer, and the spacing is completely off in FireFox. Sigh. I hate fixing bad code. Yeah, I got frustrted with Flash… and my friend is right, it doesn’t look as crisp or clean as CSS and HTML no matter what I try. Most probably don’t understand that… don’t worry, my web site will attempt to explain everything in beginner detail. That’s my idea, to make a web site that’ll help the average cyber-joe understand various computer workings… you’ll see.

Make sure you check out the latest StrongB, it was kinda funny. It’s no Dangeresque… but it maked me chuckle. You can’t expect brilliance every week.

Or Can You?

A new wah?

I’ll update for the first time in months… got the idea from Mrs. Doodle’s when I descovered that she had a live journal in her AIM profile. Anyway, I’m really stoked right now. I’M HIRED!!! Thaz right friends and utter strangers I now work for a small computer company in hillsboro. Pretty much selling computers. Whole ones and pieces… or I take the pieces and build a whole one for you. Full time job. REGULAR hours. When do I work on monday? 10-7. How about Thursday? 10-7… how about monday three months from now? 10-7. Can you say w00t!? I can! w00t! I haven’t quit Emoh De Pot yet… I figure that I’ve been working 20 hours a week for so long that I need to make up for it SO I’m going to work 60+ hour weeks for as long as I can stand it. Not like I have much else going on, right? Sides, I have debts to pay of… and I want to have a descent car again. Savey Savey.

Well, asside from the feeling below *relieved* I’m also tired… gunna go curl up in my bed and sleep until I have to work some more.