Experaments of teh mean kind

Some ppl may or may not have witnessed my social experaments. The one most often performed is on what I like to call “The Sub-concious Mother”. For Example:

At work there is a lady in recieving named Mary. She’s an older woman, 50+ and she has this itching urge to tidy things up. Some times I’m not even sure she KNOWS she’s doing it. Like while I, or a fellow employee, unpacks a box and get peanuts on the floor. As soon as we wheel the product out of the area Mary comes over with a broom. Out of curiosity I woud take a single peanut and put it back on the floor where she just cleaned(While she’s not looking of course). EVERY time she comes in the area she’ll pick up. I’ve done it with just one up to about ten or so. She doesn’t say anything. She doesn’t look at me wondering what’s going on. She just continues to clean the same spot. So currious.

Example two:
Rachels house. On a nifty table with pictures and such on it there is a dish with a cadle in the middle. Around that candle on the dish are some of those flattened marbles. They’re red where everything else in her house is white. When I get bored and I’m wandering around I take to putting one or two of these little flattened marbles in a rondom spot. Like above a door frame. Above her cabnets. So on. Rachel is a little smarter than Mary is… she knows it’s me and she scolds me for it. I don’t do it to the point she gets pissed. She and Travis are good friends, I would like her to keep inviting me over. For some reason I just find it so interesting that this would disturb people so much.

Well, back to work… hehe… 😉


Another random act of mischif. Cats mouse in hand. Mom answered phone, I got a glymps of a mug behind her. Then she sat back, head blocking the mug… I took a shot… the arch was beautiful… as soon as I let go I new it was going right were I wanted it to go. Over her head and down then *PLOT*. I fall over with laughter and glee. I couldn’t believe that I made the shot, and the friend on the phone and my mom were cracking up. w00t

Now What?

Yesterday morning I did laundry, washed dishes and learned pirates of the carabbean tunes before work… I was being so efficiant that monrning, I actually showed up to work a half-hour early. DOH! Nothing eventfull happened during the work shift. I ate lunch at Wendy’s and talked to all my old comrades; I used to work there. After closing I came home and goofed off on the internet until I bored myself to sleep.

This morning I woke up, peeked my head around the hallway corner and shouted, “GOOD MORNING MOTHER!” as my ma’ was pooring juice… it was one of those spur of the moment meschivious acts. She jumped and spilled some juice.