Sometimes I hate computers. Wasted 2 hours of my life tweaking and poking this stupid ECS motherboard… nothing special, just getting windows to work properly. For some stupid reason it doesn’t like the drivers and Windows 98 is too primative to be able to actually run a search for them. Windows XP is so much nicer for doing that kind of thing, at least it’s able to make a guess as to what it needs drivers FOR!

Anyway, I have a much more interesting project ahead of me… I’m making a Linux file server because I want to prove how much of an uber nerd I am. On top of that I’m going to try getting it to boot with a SCSI hard drive I salvaged from an old macintosh. It’ll have 3 CD-Roms, and likely 6 hard drives if the power supply can take it. They’re small hard drives I’ve had sitting around for the past few years… but it’ll still be a impressive display of cables inside the case. It will be far less frustrating than dealing with this ECS board. It’s so much worse when you know what you’re doing but stuff still refuses to work… good thing those computer parts were free.