ROFL, my new job is great. You notice my last journal entree says, “I start my new job today.” Then I’m gone. For ten days streight. I’m actually logged in at work right now, all alone updating my life journal. Traffic was horrible today. And I spent two hours trying to get a stupid printer to work on an even more stupid computer that was hooked up wierd.

Anyway, job. Yes. I’m sure people will want to hear about that. My brain is exploging, i don’t even know where to begin. I actually feel guilty for doing this because as soon as I’m done I get to log onto someones server remotely… speaking of which, i should do that and get those downloads running WHILE I do this…. brb… less than a minute later I’m back. Damn I’m good. Anyhoot. What am I talking about? Why am I talking like this??? Simple. I’m giving you an example of how my brain is working right now. Flying… well, stumbling along at a million miles an hour for 10+ hours a day. And I’m still thinking about it when I get home. Teehee… I just rebooted a server that’s 20 miles away from me.

Last week I got my phone. An LG 8100. Stupid thing. Wont let me set sounds or MP3s as Ringtones. Stupid verison wants you buy them or some crap. SCREW ‘EM. Phil took me around to a bunch of clients and introduced me. You wouldn’t want a stranger to touch your computer that runs your whole company right?

Lots of driving. Lots of learning. Phew… the server came back up. That took forever and was starting to scare me. I got a nifty new laptop. It’s not really mine… the company owns it. It’s for haling with fixing client computers and stuff, but I get to take it home and use it for whatever.

Man I’m tired. I get to go down to Salem to meet some people. We’re setting up the systems for Deluxe Icecream pretty soon, I get to be preped on it since there are desktops and learning to be done.

Anyway, I’m going to make use of free internet time while I can. TTYL everyone.

New times are coming!

Well, I started the new job today. It was pretty fab and I got into the niddy griddy pretty quick. Phil took me out to a few clients, showing me where they are and introducing me so if I come in I’m not a stranger. Phil’s nuts and hilarious. I also got a brand new phone with bells and whistles. I’m in it. This is great. I’m excited and scared. I have no choice but to be confident in my abbility to adapt to it. w00t.

In other news… I’m going to check prices on broadband.

Get clean… get dirty

Yesterday pretty much rocked. I went to an interview at 10:00 for NW IT Services. I met with the big boss Mark, who was acompanied by my contact on the inside, Phil. It was an interview you’d expect from the kind of business it is. I think he tried to see if he could scare me because it’s ‘So much work’ and ‘there will be times when you don’t know the answer and the customer is going to be pissed at 2 o’clock am.’ Pretty much I’ll be on-call 24/7 in case certain companys have a server melt down. I’m like a super hero, lol!

Whiney office guy: “Tech guy! The sever crashed and our company opens in five hours!”
Me: “Have no fear, my friend. I’m on my way.”
Whiney office guy: “You saved the day again Tech Guy! You’re the greatest!”
Me: “All in a day’s work… hey why are you here at 2am anyway? Get a life! noob!”

Or something… anyway, it’ll be a sweet deal. A real job that will make real money and give me a lot of really good experiance. The only way to go is up uP UP! 😀

After that short little interview I went to help my brother-in-law put a clutch in his Geo Metro. Well… as far as we got was getting the transmission OUT of his car. Note to self: front wheel drives are a pain in the @$ to work on. I’m still dirty from all that grease and crap. lol

Oh Me Oh mY

Yeah, Jessi’s wedding thing went pretty good. My slide show thing turned into two slide show things, one looping on each of my monitors at the reception. A monitor for wedding/hunymoon/couple pix. Another for the Kid progression pix. Met friends and family from long past. All n all things went off without too much fuss. And it was fun. That’s the key.

Sunday I hung out with my dad and g-paw for most of the day. It WAS fathers day after all. Lindsay came along with me. She’s a nice girl you may have heard me talk about. What can I say, I’m rather fond of the girl. Jessi and Luc showed up part way in too. Ate steaks, played Uno. Went to Batman Begins, just lindsay and I.

OMG! Batman Begins! See it! Good! Yes yes… go you must.

Lindsay ended up staying through Monday and leaving on Tuesday(she came down on Friday). She’s in Medford now 😦 Teleporters. I’m telling you… there’s a huge market for teleporters… like from Star Trek… beem me to Medford please!

Umm… oh, I got an e-mail from Phil yesterday. Phil is my contact for that job that wants me to get certifications. He let me know what tests I need to pass… so I’m sorta swiching my focus there… but it’s basicly the same… only harder. I may just goto Borders every night until the books are read. Make some kind of routine for myself or something. I NEED TO MOVE ON! My current job is working on imploding I think… I’ll tell you more about that once I can conferm 🙂

I must go place now. There… over there. By the water despensing jug. *wink*

Horray for CAKE!

A+ Certification… can I do it?

Last week an old acquaintance dropped by. He was a customer while I was landscaping for my uncle. I had a hand in making his back yard really nice for a season before it imploded on itself due to a lack of for-sight on the designers department. lol, I actually had a feeling about some things, but I’m no gardener. I was just an extra back to break while they gave orders ;p

Anyw00t, this guy comes into the place I work at to buy computer parts from time to time; he builds systems for ppl. This last time he and I talked a bit. His little company joined with a bigger one and they were still swampped. He pretty much guaranteed me a job if I could get A+ Certified. He know’s I’m a hard worker and he’d put in a really good word for me. I took his number and I left for home that night with dreams in my head of all the wonderful things I could do with the bigger paycheck…

BUT – Let me tell you about my experiences with A+ Certification. Back when I was a wee tike, Junior year of high school I was this massive computer brain. Well, as far as the teachers were concerned I was. Durring school I would have a class period devoted to running about interrupting interupting classes to try and make sense of the slightly smoldering computer in the corner. After school I worked for the school district. I would be dispatched out to any one of a dozen schools in the area to set up/upgrade/diagnose… whatever needed such. I saved my money, and went for my A+ Certification after reading a 800+ page book cover to cover.

To get A+ Certified you have to pass two tests. $145 per test. One test is for the hardware aspect of computers. The other software; mostly operating systems. You have to pass them both within a month of eachother.

First time out I took them both in one sitting. I passed the hardware test, no problem. Failed the software by two questions. $290 to the cause. Ok, no problem… I read up on the things I missed, went back devoting another $145 to the cause. Failed by one question. Ok, just got paid… read some more. $145. Failed by one question. My month was up so I’d have to take the hardware test again. I blew more than $500 on this thing with nothing to show for it. Period.

What’s worse, one of my friends walked in(no reading) and took a Beta version of the A+ Certification… it was like a trail version to see how well it would do with people. This was offered after my run. Anyway… he screwed around more than me, and I would have to correct his mistakes at times. He passed first time out. WTF!!!?!?!

Perhaps this is where my mental dificulty lies when trying to do this all over again. Overcoming the self-doubt and “will it be worth it” nagging at me as I shell out $290 that could potentialy be for nothing. I’m living with my mom who’s unemployed and as dependant on me for money as I am on her; we can do alot with $290. But alas it’s currently my only key to getting out of this mess and finally start a life on my own. So I’ve set up a base station in my room: A computer with lyric-less music and a bed with a reading lamp…. My resulve is tightening. The reading has started……

…. To be Continued