I’ve got CHIIILLLZZZZ They’re multiplyin!

ROFL! HAHAHA! w00t w00t w00t! lol… I’m pretty damn excited right now. Chillz I say. Chillz apon chillz. I just recently discouvered Square Enix Inc. Formaly the company was known as Squaresoft… the names change is probably a legal formality of some sort, companys merging with companys and the like. I knew they didn’t disapear after dropping the name, there’s still stuff comeing out that reeks of them…. I’m straying from the point here… hmm… how to put this in a way one could understand…

Back in college, OIT still in the dorms, I picked up this game some how. Final Fantasy VII was it’s title. It’s a roll-playing game for the Play Station, but it was released for the PC by some wonderful twist of fate. This game ingulfed me. More than Crono Trigger. More than Morrowind. Even more than all of the Legend of Zelda games combined. … well maybe not THAT much. But it WAS the only game I’ve encountered that actually got me FEELING for the characters. True, I was playing as the characters. I beat monsters. I explored the world. But the mix of the story line and the music and the in game video was such that it hit a soft spot some how. There were times where I was choked up with tears… NEVER happend from a GAME before. When people think of computer game music they thing Mario Bros… or just a random beat in the back ground. Nobuo Uematsu composed the music for the game. One of the songs in the game still triggers a small emotional responce. It’s crazy. I learned to play it and a few other songs on the piano… but that was a while ago now. I’m not the only one either, while working at Fry’s this kid would come in and play music from Final Fantasy VII. It was awsome! We had a nice little chat.

But I don’t know how to explain it, and I feel like a fool talking about it because it’s just a video game! But to me it was more than that. Maybe part of it is because I had to stop the game three times in order to find a four disks that WORK!!! Holy crap, you have no idea how much time I spent trying to play the game all the way through. Finally I found a Play Station emulator for my PC and just bought the damn game. lol. Final Fantasy VIII and IX soon followed. IX was pretty damn good too, very catchy music and Zidane is a great main character.

Well… why am I sooooo excited now? They’re making a movie. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Interesting title, don’t you think? Only the second trailer is in english… but the pictures are all pretty, regardless. Go here if you want to read an English site talking about it. Do you remember Final Fantasy: Spirits Within? Or maybe Last Transmision of the Osirus from Animatrix? Yeah… we’re talking a story line VERY near and dear to my heart in the most phenominal computer graphics on the planet. AND they brought back Nobuo Uematsu to do the score too. Those songs you hear in the trailers… yeah… they’re in the game. He wrote a freaking OPRA for this game. Crap… I need to learn Japanese…

Anyway, thanks for reading my enthusiasm… I’m off to watch them all one more time… then I’ll dream about them. Good night

Productive Day

Yep. That’s what it’s been. Just where have I been exactly? Well, I went to a FedEx place to send a bad sick of RAM and a good stick of RAM in order to get aCorsair XMS TwinPack so I can have a happy gig. teeheehee. Having a life time warrenty is a good thing.

Next I went to the bank to get quarters. Then I went to comcast to pay my cable bill. Turns out I payed for this month and next month… that cost a pretty penny. Then it was back home to sort the laundry and put it in the washer. Then get a network cable from the living room to my room. I also placed hooks for running cable back to my moms room too. I didn’t have a cable long enough for that so I went Fry’s to pick one up. I found out Fry’s charges three times more for cables than what I can get them for from PCH Cables in Hillsboro. So I went other to Fred Meyers and picked up a wooden shelf… yes a shelf.

I went back home and modified this shelf… one shelf becomes two shorter ones. It turned out perfect. I put computer parts on the shorter one, the taller one is the perfect height for a computer bench. For fixing computers and what not. I’m very proud of it. Anyway… then I just cleaned for a while. By then all 6 loads of laundry is done. Mom and I had a deal. I would do all the shifting and taking them down and up the three flights of stairs if she would fold them. So back to my room. Then I get hungry, so I go pick up some chicken teriaki, and now I’m here. Typing a little diddy while I eat. Exciting huh?

Anyway, I still have room stuff to do. I’d like to work on the webpage some too. Back to it!


I just read through my past journals, it’s kind of entertaining doing that. So I descided to post again, while I’m in the mood to do so. Yesterday was phun. I went to work. Answered phones while looking up Japanese words to put on a piece of paper to learn. The call of the day was a lady calling about her monitor. I handled her ignorence, impatience, and narrow mindedness badly. She didn’t know how the make the screen on her monitor streatch to the full screen; she was the one who accadentaly put it there to begin with, she admited that. But she didn’t have an engineering degree or the time to sit there and figure out how to function the little menu with the self-explanitory icons that made a monitor slightly less sophisticated than a microwave oven. I was mummbling and grumbling and wanting to strangle something when I was done.

I got to play games and kill things last night. BattleField Vietnam and Unreal Tournament 2004 came out yesterday and Jesse wanted to try em out. We were up until 2 playing these fabulous games. He’s trying to get me to buy them for myself so I can play with his friends and him next week during spring break. If I do that all constructive spirit and responsabilitys will fly out the window… thus I am reluctant.

Now I must work. Oh yah! Payday! w00t!

Computerzes… errr

Bloody computers… I come home to find my computer NOT BOOTING, Oh no. Wont boot in Safe Mode, Wahh?! Reinstall windows, there we go. Little compter act ups like that always scare me. Oh well, I’ll probably redo everything after I get a couple new components anyway.

Well, it looks like I’m about to be promoted to telesales at work. Not a huge promotion, but I wont have to work my butt off any more. Yes! More time off to do… guess I still need to figure that part out. I have a lame idea for a web site, maybe I’ll play with that and turn it into a moderately lame idea for a website. We’ll see.


Well, I’ll try again with this life journal thing. It’s just a little wierd typing to this thing because it’s hard to know if anyone is listening. If no one else reads, what’s the point? ^ It gives me something ot do other than play Morrowind for the second time though. There is a a point. A nifty game like Evercrack(quest) only it’s single player. Better in my openion, without the social factor is makes it less addicting and therefore I’m more apt to have a real social life. In theory.

Well nothing too exciting happened yesteray, I worked. The only thing that really stands out is a confrontation withat a sales guy. It’s a complex story summed up in saying he has no reaspect for fellow humans. I don’t know how he responds to other creatures, but people are just wallets and short-cuts to him. I hope he falls in a badger hole… he’d fit, he’s small enough.

Went to Izzy’s with friends last night, I had salad bar.