StaR wARs Ep: III

Last night I joined Erin in the standing in line for Star Wars movie. I only waited for 4 hours tho cuz I’m a crazy working foo. Anyway… the movie was Freaking Awsome! It’s like Lucas put down his sfx toys and realised that ppl were dissing his last two movies. There are so many good things to say…. but I can’t say them all because I don’t want to spoil anything for ppl. I agree with Erin, as well as being Freaking Awsome; it was also sad, depressing, and slightly scary. I mean, we know the obvious. Ani becomes Vader and you know some disturbing things need to go down. Things lead up to where A New Hope can pick it back up again. I found it a little scarry hearing Palpatine and Vader using the same popular catch phrases as those under the current presidency… I’m not implying anything… I just noticed and it made me think a bit. “So this is how we loose our liberty… applause.”

The fight scenes were unique, thought out and very cool.

The scypt was well thought out too… I wont say more… even tho I want to. Just go see it. I’ll go with you! I think that even non-star wars fans may end up liking it too.

I’ve been away from the LJ for a while… not a whole lot new has happened. Really. Or maybe too much. Whatever. I may be back more. We’ll see 🙂