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We’ll be picking up a Male, South Korean foreign exchange student tomorrow. His name is Seungkyu and I have no idea what else to expect.  I just got our family’s entire variety of food, more quantity than we usually get to make sure we find something he’ll find palatable.  Lorelai is curious about what I’m talking about, I don’t think she quite understands the concept of Korea or ocean.  This should be fun for her and we the parents though.  My family had a few Japanese exchange students over (one at a time over the course of years) when I was a kid and I remember the experience for each of them to be special and extremely memorable.  I wish we could have kept in touch more.  We’ll see how it goes.
Lore and I are watching How to Train Your Dragon while Caitlin is out with a friend.  I still think it’s the best movie ever.  I want to fly on the back of a dragon sized ornithopter, that would be terrifyingly sweet.
This diddy has been stuck in my head for a good part of the day, see if you recognize it… a link to it is below.

Moses supposes his toeses are Roses,
But Moses supposes Erroneously,
Moses he knowses his toeses aren’t roses,
As Moses supposes his toeses to be!
Moses supposes his toeses are Roses,
But Moses supposes Erroneously,
A mose is a mose!
A rose is a rose!
A toes is a toes!
Hooptie doodie doodle

**Edit – Same night update@~11:46 – Lore went to bed after the movie around 9:30.  I looked up a couple things on ornithopters and remember I was going to use the night to get a wiimote to work with Linux and officially start my AES idea (Awesome Entertainment System).  I’m a freaking gimp in bash; for those who don’t know what bash is hit Win+R type cmd then enter and it’s kinda like that only different because it’s unix based.  Yeah, I got to the point of connecting the wiimote to the bluetooth device, I supposedly have the utility that makes it control my mouse functions and moved few things in the right place.  For every tumbler I get a new one gives me an error to track down so I’m still not controlling anything with my connected WiiMote.  No documented troubleshooting that I can find anywhere which means I basically play it by ear and learn as it comes.  If it was easy it wouldn’t be fun, right?  We’ll see in the morning.

In other AES news it sounds like I may be able to pick up a busted up yellow old NES chassis at Game Trader for $15, but they don’t have them on hand much so I need to keep trying back.  The yellowing doesn’t worry me because I plan to paint the sucker.

Some site references in case I need them in the far future:
CircuitDB|Connect a WiiRemote to your PC
WiiBrew| List of Working Bluetooth Devices
WMD 0.1.2 (Stands for Wanna Mote Damnit, the app that ties to mouse)

~12:55AM – While I was closing stuff down for lolz I searched for wii in the package manager and what do you know, there are premade apps there.  I was able to get the wiimote moving the mouse based on motion which doesn’t really work too well.  Turns out that I need to make an IR sensor for accurate tracking.  In the mean time I can use the wiimote buttons for testing with D-pad based emulators.

What did it and made it easy: PPA for wiicanteam


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