Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy… Almost there!

Today has been a lazy day. Laundry. Thinking. Some studying. I also e-mailed my contact for my perspective job. Just a couple hours later he called me and told me that his boss wants to have an interview with me because they can use my help. I was hooting and yipping after that call. w00t!! Horray!

Soon two portions of my self that I’m having to focus on will become one. My work will be my training. Off the clock I might have more time to focus more on other things. Like meeting new peers.

Dun Dun DUUNNN – The Plot Thickens

The plot going on in my damatic work environment. “ENU of our lives”… more like “Young and teh Restless”. Sum up of previous episodes:

About a month ago Richard just kinda decided that he didn’t wanna work here any more. He walks out in the middle of his shift. He was just sick of the BS. Pretty much having every priority (Customers, displays) as his first priority. I started at the same time he did. He did just as good as I did in sales and in other areas. I just had more experiance in showing a boss that I can do this and more. While he’s stuck in sales I’m off doing systems, learning RMA, and updating our website. He should have been given more to do, more responsability… but he didn’t. My boss has a thing against ppl some times. It’s wierd… it’s not really personal… some-how he just gets it in his head that someone isn’t good enough or something. Oh well… moving on.

A week later Jay, the manager I took over for, wrote a nice little letter saying that our boss is a n00b who doesn’t respect his employees as people and spends money on silly things… like another store in Tigard that gets a grand total of four or five customers in a week… two of those ppl actually consider buying something. We here in Hillsboro, a store that does get customers, he pays his employees the same as Wendy’s down the street. And he wonders why employees never stay with him for more than a year. In the words of Napoleon Dynamite and one of Jay’s favorite quotes, “GOSH! Frickin’ Idiot!”

This was past doings. It’s happened. We got a replacement for Richard. I’m a replacement for Jay… at the moment. He say’s he’s working on a replacement for me. What’s funny is that there are four people hoping to up and fly away with-in the next month or so.

Two sales people; one of which has been here longer than I have yet I made more than him when I was a sales rep. WTF? I’m not complaining, but he has a right to.

The head of RMA has already started an interview process with Wells Fargo. After he leaves mas chaos will ensue probably followed by me getting thrown into RMA head first without knowing what’s going on. Ironic. This has happened before. Six months ago, actually, when the last RMA guy took the nearest hypogriff outta here to work on his own retail company he started behind ENU’s back. LOL!

And I have taken the next step to moving on as well. I just scheduled to take my Microsoft Certification exam Tuesday August 9th. Wish me luck! Upon passing I should have a bigger better job after a few weeks. JOY! Rock ON!

BTW. Batman is da bomb yo!

Latest Summerly Wishes

I logged on to AIM today and guess who was online. You’d never guess because I don’t mention her much. It was my wonderful cousin Susan. I haven’t seen her online since December some time. And thank goodness she’s ok! She’s been on this Semester at Sea cruise thing, which is why she hasn’t been online. Apparently there was some bad weather, and her ship got smacked some horrible weather. The link tells you more than I could. I’m just relieved she’s safe. She was in Vietnam on a virus infected computer while we were talking.

Anyway, right after she was done queing me in on her side of events she asked me if I was still planning on going to New Jersy this summer. I had all but forgot about it in her absence. Now I’m totaly re-amped about it since she seems so eager. I haven’t seen her since I was four. She lives on the other side of the country yet I still talk to her more than any of my other aunts, uncles or cousins. My hopes are actually for more than a visit though… I’d like to try and getting a job in NYC and at least stay the summer until Susan goes back to school. Take a motorcycle and a subway… get mugged(j/k)… that sort of thing.

Anyway, I’m off to do other things now.

I’m ritch!… or I might be one day

Not to long ago I got a phone call at work, this lady was wondering if ENU made house calls. I almost laughed at her, that’s how bound and deturmined we are to conveniancing the customer at ENU. Number one is the company. Number two is the manager. Three is the customer. Associates get to clean up. That’s how every company is run. It has to be, or you could get sued… or screwed… or both. Anyway. That’s not a part of this story. I didn’t laugh at her, instead I told her I do house calls on the side. Numbers swap. Her new Dell arrives and she calls me up.

So around 9 I head over there and do my stuff(set up her computer, copying useful files from the old computer to the new via USB). Missing Alias and most of Lost 😦 But my mom taped it, so it’s ok 🙂 It was all pretty cool because I got a nearly functional computer and $75 out of the deal! After thinking about it I realised I spent about 4 hours working for that… 30 minutes of it was driving home and back for a eithernet cable. So laying back, chatting with this friendly older couple and using some useful computer knowledge I made more than I made in my 8 hours at work. I started laughing when I realised this while driving home. I could do this! For real! I know I can! I just DID it!

Well, my mind is all alight with how to get my ball a-rolling… but I better goto bed anyway.