Good day to night

I wound up waking before the sun this morning. I had to deliver a PC that I reloaded for a company. They make DNA and RNA. I have no clue what they do with it; every angle I take in inquiry comes back insainly short and simple. “Testing.” “Manufacturing.” I asked them what DNA stands for, Dual something neucrilic acid. Something like that.

Me: “What does that mean?”
Blank stares… “DNA.”
Me: “Is it a chemical, or a load of chemicals… something like that? I mean if it’s acidic that usually implys chemicals to me..”
Indifferent shurg: “No not really… it’s just the four different parts that make up DNA into it’s helix.”
Me “But if it’s manufactured, what is it made of?”
Puzzlement at the question: “DNA.”

GAH!! Their lack of curiosity in what their company does is… sad. If I sound like a idiot, get annoyed at my incompitance and explain so I never annoy you again! One of them was even a Biology major, she’s the one who knew about the four little peices that are sequinced to make up a strand of DNA. I learned that in grade school! What the hell people?

————-Tangent End

I set up their computer with little trouble. Just a lot of waiting for loads and finding software hidden in strange places.

After there I went to another location to look at a printer. It was making a nasty grinding noise and it wouldn’t print. Turned out that the load mechanism went to the crapper. So I talked to the Dell guy and have em send a new one. No big deal.

Then I went back to the office to do some e-mails and pick up another computer to reload. I should start that tonight… but meh. I love this job. It’s hard sometimes, but only because I don’t know something. Then I get through it, learn it so the next time it runs across the problem it’s cake. Arr Matee!

Anyway, after work I was invited to go cloths shopping with Amy and her mom at Pioneer Ct.Hs.Sqr. I’ve been wanting out of the house all weekend. Cloths shopping with two women isn’t my ideal choice, obviously, but meh. Out is out and the girls were amusing company when I was trailing behind from store to store.

For a good portion of the time I wandered the mall. I started with this little shop that Amy said that her ex used to go there while she was in the clothing store. I walk in a little ways in bewilderment seeing nothing of any interest at all. I notice that two people were watching me curiously.

“Can I help you?”
“What does this place do?” I asked.
“Sell stuff,” one girl said.
I looked at her and waited.
“We sell calenders, day planners, and other conveniances for keeping a schedule,” she said in a uninterested manner.
“You’ve said that a few times,” I smiled.
She grinned and nodded, “I’ve worked here a while.”

I with the two girls about nothing in particular. It was mostly just light hearted small talk. Quite amusing. Poor girls put in such a dull place to work. They asked me to come back later if I was still bored. lol.

That sort of thing happened a few times tonight. Small talk with tellers and helpers. They welcome the distraction, and I enjoy the interaction and practice. It was actually very fun and educational for me. Cloths shopping with a neutral female friend isn’t so bad 🙂

I’ve gone mute. Memorys of the day have been overcome by thoughts of philosophy. My mom is watching the Crucible. I hate this movie, but it’s not the movies fault. It pisses me off because it shows the depths people can go in order to keep a scuff from apearing on their name. A person would condem an innocent in order to save their fall. It makes my mind scream, “Make it stop! PLEASE!” Maybe that’s why I hate Desperate Housewives so much. Every time I watched (3 times) at a friends house that kind of thing happened every episode. It comes off as a comedy while it completely FUCKS morality. I felt sick to my stomach. It makes me genuinly afraid that law and the fear of getting caught will eventually outweigh guilt and compassion.

I know that I’m no saint. I flip people off if I’m in a bad mood and they’re in my way. I can lie or leave things out, or put things in a better light. I show people that I’m happy even though I don’t feel so great inside. Sometimes I’m remorsful for what I do, sometimes I just don’t give a shit. I’m human. But, damn it, don’t make it alright to feel guilt. Feeling guilt isn’t a weakness that distracts us from our goal. It’s not there to hold us back. It’s there to make us think about what we’re doing to other people. And ourselves. What’s the right thing to do? What if everyone did this? What if you keep doing this to everyone else? Where do you draw the line?

….. I’m done spouting. I’m in a somber mood now. I’m going to bed.

It’s called moving up, but I’m moving out

That’s right. My mom and I are parting ways. We gave a notice to the apartment people a couple weeks ago. So we’ll be out in mid-October. I’m moving in with Jessi and Luke for a couple months. Once I get a two or three pay checks from my new job (they pay once a month) I should be able to get my own place. I’m pretty excited. Just wait and see what setup I’ll have for my computer/entertainment center/work station. I have something brand new and never seen 😉

In other news, I may be going out to watch a band in P-town somwhere. Rachel invited me last night, sounds like something to do. Anyway. Back to work…


ROFL, my new job is great. You notice my last journal entree says, “I start my new job today.” Then I’m gone. For ten days streight. I’m actually logged in at work right now, all alone updating my life journal. Traffic was horrible today. And I spent two hours trying to get a stupid printer to work on an even more stupid computer that was hooked up wierd.

Anyway, job. Yes. I’m sure people will want to hear about that. My brain is exploging, i don’t even know where to begin. I actually feel guilty for doing this because as soon as I’m done I get to log onto someones server remotely… speaking of which, i should do that and get those downloads running WHILE I do this…. brb… less than a minute later I’m back. Damn I’m good. Anyhoot. What am I talking about? Why am I talking like this??? Simple. I’m giving you an example of how my brain is working right now. Flying… well, stumbling along at a million miles an hour for 10+ hours a day. And I’m still thinking about it when I get home. Teehee… I just rebooted a server that’s 20 miles away from me.

Last week I got my phone. An LG 8100. Stupid thing. Wont let me set sounds or MP3s as Ringtones. Stupid verison wants you buy them or some crap. SCREW ‘EM. Phil took me around to a bunch of clients and introduced me. You wouldn’t want a stranger to touch your computer that runs your whole company right?

Lots of driving. Lots of learning. Phew… the server came back up. That took forever and was starting to scare me. I got a nifty new laptop. It’s not really mine… the company owns it. It’s for haling with fixing client computers and stuff, but I get to take it home and use it for whatever.

Man I’m tired. I get to go down to Salem to meet some people. We’re setting up the systems for Deluxe Icecream pretty soon, I get to be preped on it since there are desktops and learning to be done.

Anyway, I’m going to make use of free internet time while I can. TTYL everyone.

New times are coming!

Well, I started the new job today. It was pretty fab and I got into the niddy griddy pretty quick. Phil took me out to a few clients, showing me where they are and introducing me so if I come in I’m not a stranger. Phil’s nuts and hilarious. I also got a brand new phone with bells and whistles. I’m in it. This is great. I’m excited and scared. I have no choice but to be confident in my abbility to adapt to it. w00t.

In other news… I’m going to check prices on broadband.

Good Morning!

I think that cats are nocturnal creatures(duh)… and my sisters cat is extremely social. I must have woke up 10+ times last night because of that kitty. I’m luckey that I’m a light sleeper, the cats loud purr would always happen when she was thinking about bugging me. I woke with her on my pillow.

Despie last nights rompings, I’m in a very good mood. I got a call from one of my student loan ppl wondering when I could start payment… no big deal. Soon after that I got a call from Dish Network. I applied to a couple jobs in my panic the other day. They want my body 😉


I’m at my sisters house right now. House/cat sitting for their cute little kitten, dogberry. I know what she’s talking about in her last post when it comes to feeling awkward using other peoples things. All I’ve used since I’ve been here is the TV, computer, oven and toilet. It’s fairly nice to be out of my house, actually… I’m afraid that it’s even more dull over there.

The quick scoop on my situation is that ENU let me go and I’m waiting for my next job to pick me up. I’ve been told that i got the job, and not to worry. Apparently they’re waiting on my DMV records. But I hate waiting like this… I’m used to working 40+ hours a week plus another hour a day worth of driving… when I usually get home my day is GONE. Now that I have a few days to my self I find myself sitting around watching TV for lack of anything else to do. Luckely one of the channels had four episodes of Star Trek TNG. I’ve got to get those DVDs when I get money… they don’t make TV like that any more. I totaly redid my MySpace profile with CSS and stuff. I was so bold as to e-mail a couple old high school aquatences that I barely knew for the hell of it.

Ahh… it’s nice to be out of the house… have I said that? I can’t wait until my mom can get a job and move out… Yeah, if you’re coming in from MySpace you heard right. I’m living with my mom and I’m making the only money right now. I mean… I love my mom and all, she’s forked out her portion to keep me alive all these years. But at the same time, this is my time to fly… I can’t help but feel a little disapointed when I find my wings but I can’t leave the nest. Who knows what the future holds… maybe something will pop up.