Get clean… get dirty

Yesterday pretty much rocked. I went to an interview at 10:00 for NW IT Services. I met with the big boss Mark, who was acompanied by my contact on the inside, Phil. It was an interview you’d expect from the kind of business it is. I think he tried to see if he could scare me because it’s ‘So much work’ and ‘there will be times when you don’t know the answer and the customer is going to be pissed at 2 o’clock am.’ Pretty much I’ll be on-call 24/7 in case certain companys have a server melt down. I’m like a super hero, lol!

Whiney office guy: “Tech guy! The sever crashed and our company opens in five hours!”
Me: “Have no fear, my friend. I’m on my way.”
Whiney office guy: “You saved the day again Tech Guy! You’re the greatest!”
Me: “All in a day’s work… hey why are you here at 2am anyway? Get a life! noob!”

Or something… anyway, it’ll be a sweet deal. A real job that will make real money and give me a lot of really good experiance. The only way to go is up uP UP! 😀

After that short little interview I went to help my brother-in-law put a clutch in his Geo Metro. Well… as far as we got was getting the transmission OUT of his car. Note to self: front wheel drives are a pain in the @$ to work on. I’m still dirty from all that grease and crap. lol

…… Yawn……

I’m normaly not a big fan of TV. Last night suprised me though, the Discovery Channel had back to back episodes of Mythbusters followed by Top Gear. If you haven’t seen these shows you should, and you will see why they’re so FREAKING COOL!

Mythbusters is a show that does exactly what the title emplies. These two guys that normaly do special effects for TV/movies take on myths and tall tales to see if such a thing is realy possible. Last night they took on the myth that if your in an elevator and it happens to FALL you might have a chance of living if you jump just before you hit the ground. So they got an old elevator working and rigged a test dummy named Buster to jump 6 feet before the elevator hits the bottom of the shaft. And they dropped the elevator! Boom! Buster’s toast.

My favorit episode so far has to be them proving there is no way to beat the breathalizer test(mints, drinking mouthwash ect, one of them ate a raw onion!). I also liked the one where they tested what house hold appliances are most likely to kill you if you bring them to your bath with you. Plugged in, of course. They tried it with plan water, then with a small amount of urine since that’s what would conduct. Then with bath salts… teehee… poor buster. And they hooked up flash powder to a fuse thing so if it was leathal it did a nice little pyrotechnic. Oh, and how can I forget when they proved that there’s no way you can “Blow someone away” with any kind of hand gun. Like in the movies, someone gets shot with a pistol and goes flying back… they hung a dead pig and shot at it with various hand guns, shotguns, machine guns… at one point they were ALL shooting at the poor pig carcas with weapons of their choice. Then in true mythbusters style they blew it up some how…

Top Gear is a nifty car show. It’s british, witch makes it infinately cooler. Last night they had a race… one guy had a Ferrari of some sort. Two guys had to use public transportation and an airplane. They were racing form their studio in London to see who would get to the Alps first! The Ferrari takes of in the middle of the night, by morning it’s off the farry in the main land. The other two guys were still waiting for their plane. Well once they were on the plane they bypassed the Ferrari and landed in Spain. But they had to take a train and two buses to get where they were going. In the end the Ferrari won by less than 10 minutes! Who would have thought!?

Last episode they bought an old POS toyota truck… ’80s I think. Not in great visual condition, but it rans just fine. They drive it down stairs. Scrape it agains walls a bit. Then they take it out to the beach, tie it down and wait for the tide to come in. Well, the truck gets bucked off the lines and they have to wait five hours before they find it on its side half eaten by sand. They tip it up right and have a mechanice tinker with it for about 45 minutes. NO SPARE PARTS. They start the truck, ROFL! and drive to the next location. I big old field in the middle of nowhere. They get it going 65 and drive it through an old shack. Then they get a crane and drop a camper trailer on it. Then get a wrecking ball and smash the crap out of it. Then… then… they set it on FIRE! It still ran… :O!! Then last night… hehe, rofl! NO way! They put the truck on the top of a 30 something story sky scraper that was being demolitioned. Down the truck goes with the rest of the building. Still no spare parts, the mechanic tinkers… after a while you hear the starter really trying hard. Then the engine RUNS! And the gear box still works! It drives!!! ROFL!

Spyware is of the Devil!

I turn on my computer this morning to the sight of my browser poping up some random webpage and an unknown icon running in my system tray. Damn spyware and their nosey annoying pointless useing my system. What does it hope to accomplish by being on my computer besides being as annoying as possible? I’ma kill the bastard when I get home. Blow it outta the water! RAWR!!

LAN party at Jesse’s this Sat night! w00t! I haven’t played those games in months… I’ma gunna die.

AND I watched a show last night called “Fire Me PLEASE!” It’s a reality TV show where two ppl at a time get hired on to seperate jobs at the same time. The object of the show for the ppl to try and get fired as close to 3pm as they can on their first day of the job. ROFL! It was hilarious. The ppl at the job thought they were insain/stupid as they do these completely off the wall things. Pretty much they TRY as HARD as they can to get in the suporvisers nerves enough for them to tell them “GET OUT! NOW!” Which usually results in the ex-employee giveing the suporviser a big hug as they just won $25,000. It was great. Me likey. So funny. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha… my nose is running, so if you don’t mind…

Wednesday, Earlier Morning

Got up at 8 today… that’s about an hour or so earlier than normal. Laundry is being done so I can have clean cloths for work today. We’ll see if they get dry in time… no good driving for a half hour in wet cloths.

Anyway, it’s been a pretty good weekend, I’d say. Saturday night I took mom to Red Lobster as sort of a be-lated/something nice to do in the first place thing. It’s her favorit restraunt, and it’s been a long long while since she’s been before. So that was a nice sirprise for her.

Sunday I… what did I do sunday? Oh yeah! I went to Brian and Drea Fergasons house with my mom. Brian showed me his new toys and projects, as usualy. We took a ride in this old beater truck he got for next to nothin. He’s dubbed it, “Bubba Truck.” It’s a grey 88′ Ford F-150. He’s fixing various things that are wrong with it and in the mean time uses it to freight things to and from Drea’s plays.

Monday was nuts at work. Crazy nuts. I was really busy all day long. It was actually pretty kewl because I was the wanted man… which kept me busy until 7:55 PM… normaly I’m leaving around 7:15. I only took a 40 minute lunch too…

Monday night I popped by Lindsays house and took a shower. Then we teleported ourselves to Erin’s house. By teleported, I mean that I drove while Lindsay rode in my awsomely Peugeot. Laugher. Erin sitting on her computer. Joy. Erin still on her computer. More Laugher. I managed to bring Erin’s roomie, Kristin(sp?) into conversation every time she walked in the room. It’s always fun scaring… I mean meeting new people. Lindsay and I shared a blanket on the floor… for a while… then I just had a pillow to put over my feet because Lindsay is a blanket hog. blither blither…

Tuesday not enough time for tueday… I need to ge to work soon. It always seems to come to that, doesn’t it? Anyway… played Mario Party, watched Office Space, went out for Chicken Teriaki when Erin came back. Picked up… Crystol? or is it another Kristin? to many ka sounding people in that place. Pick up my car, went to watch Erin roxor the bowling lanes like only a lefty bowler can. Then Hugs and tears Lindsay and I left. Lindsay’s house, hung out for a while. Went to my house to have some pizza and watch a movie. No movie was watched, but it was an entertaining TV show. Lindsay goes home. I goto bed. Now I’m here… waiting for my cloths to dry….. I hate waiting.

Happy New Yeah!!

It is 2005, and I am so there! lol. Went to Luke’s house for new years eve. In case any one who reads my posts doesn’t know, my sister is engadged to this guy Luke. She was there too, obviously, as well as Lindsay and Lukes roomie Brendon. It wasn’t a very exciting time… we drank champaign and watched Dodge Ball, this one Garden movie with Natalie Portman and the dude from scrubs, and finally Collateral. In other words, it wasn’t unlike any other night… save for in between movies we watched the ball drop in Time Square… three house after it actually dropped, obviously. lol, I talked to my friend, Miki, the Eve of New years Eve and she was in the process of celebrating new years. Her family lives in Japan, so that’s where she is for the Christmas break.

Yesterday was rather fun. I didn’t do much the first half of the day… bought printer ink, bird seed and corn on el cob. I came back to play with my new game controller until Lindsay brought me back to the real world. We went to look at cars, cuz she wrecked hers 😉 She hates it when I say that. But it was fun… just going from used car lot to used car lot on 82nd-there’s like 3.8 million of them over there-avoiding car sales people who want to tell us their life story and mainly looking at cars. I need a new car too, remember?

Anyway, after that we went back to her house and ripped the lights off her christmas tree… all 9 strands of them! ONE TREE! Intricately wrapped around each and every little twig! At least I smell pine fresh now. Finally we headed over to Jess’s house-friend girl Jess-picked her up and went to see The Aviator. I liked the movie. I’d rarely even heard of Howard Hughs before this movie. What and interesting guy/story! It was wierd because he was a little crazy; by a little crazy I mean he would repeate the same thing 29 and a half times and he had that germ phobia. A good movie to see once, I think.

Battle at Pretzels

It’s almost christmas time… tonight there was a little party held at Jess/Heathers P.s house. Steve and Crystle were also there. It was rather fun. I’ve kinda isolated myself lately so it was good to hang out with people again. Apparently they were anxiously waiting for me before opening gifts, even tho I was too poor to even consider getting some for others. I may make up for that, but we’ll see. Anyway, it started off plesent. We started a video. I played with the dog for a while. Then war broke out… as with most wars there wasn’t really any purpose besides being the better. Tickeling fingers flung out from all directions, people were pinned and a little brused. It was a good bought. I came away unscaved. I got to know Heather and Crystle better too. Heather is ticklish under the thys… Crystol is tickelish most places. She’s one of those that flys just from anothers touch.

Anyway, can I complain about my car any more? No? Oh, ok. Then i wont mention that my brakes don’t stop the wheels. They slow them down… but it takes a good while to stop… *grumble* *grumble*