Preps and Interviews

I have an interview with Stream tomorrow. It’s a place that does tech support over the phone. They called me two weeks ago, but I was so focused on getting my MCP that I just ignored it. BUT then they called me again last Thursday(11th). I thought it was odd for a company to be so presistant to obtain a peon.

Maybe it’s Brian’s contact on the inside pushing them to contact me so Brian will stop bugging them. Maybe they actually like my credentials. But it made me curious so I’m going to their interview to give them a chance. They’re at a disadvantage though because I have two contacts on two seperate occasions that say that this employer is crap. On top of that the Stream lady on the phone quoted me $9/hr, only a few dimes more than what I make now. They also have benufits… but chances are that I’ll be looking for a professional job before those beny’s even kick in.

It’s so bizzar walking into an interview, head held high, knowing that I can tell them, “No, thanks; I have it better where I’m at. Oh BTW, you might want to do something about your reputation.”

Anyway, I’m going to go fiddle with my bike. Need to get it ready for the family reunion this weekend 😉

Wierd Dreams While Sick

Yeah, I’ve got a sniffle and a sore throught. Why does it always seem to happen when I start a new job? It happened when I started at Home Depot.

I had a wierd dream last night too… I think it was actually episode II of a former dream I had not long ago… but I don’t remember that one much. It started out where I was in the place with trees, there was a random car and my dad’s Hyundai in a parking lot over yonder… and apparently it was at my dad’s house because I was afraid of waking him up by walking in the door. But he ended up calling me, he heard me stomping around but was too lazy to get out of bed or something. Anyway… I forgot what I had to say to him… I think it ended up just being “Hi, how’re things?” But apparently I was late for work, so I left in my Peugeot(I have this car in my dreams too, how depressing). I’m driving along… and there’s a train trax too the left of me… only I’m looking at me driving the car from the front… umm… something about the train made me think it was a good idea to ride my bike… so my mind did a cut scene and the car was gone and I was riding my old BMX bike…. THEN I realised I was going to be late to work, so I wished I had my car… I rode up to this big white building with Roman pillars and my car was inside… next scene, I’m riding and I see my ORC head master in the distance… he looked like one of the green guys tusky guys from Morrowind, not the LOTR orcs. Anyway, he said I was late and for this I was to wash dishes with sand. The funny thing about this orc, besides that he’s an orc, is that he usually speaks in riddles… very wierd, but since he’s in my head I know exacly what he’s talking about. The dishes turned out being these wooden objects that didn’t resimble forks, spoons or knifes… but apparently I didn’t think anything of this and started rubbing them against wet sand. As I did they changed color… interesting eh? Anyway… then the dream gets a little fuzzy, the main dude had a little chat with me, they showed my random funny looking flash cars… I was standing in front of a class teaching and something else happened… like I said… fuzzy. Very interesing, I actually enjoyed the dream… too bad I ended up waking from it and feeling like crap @ 4. Had a drink of water and went back to sleep and didn’t dream any more.

Anyway, time for work…