Taxed memory

I OWE on my state taxes!! *shakes fist* It’s only 30 bucks… and I’m getting around $200 federal… but still.

Computerish rant coming on:

I also called Corsair Memory today. Apparently they just sent out my memory today. 3day UPS. But I’m irritated. I sent in that memory two weeks ago as of today. It takes three days to get there. The guy who e-mailed me said it would take 48 hours. The forums say it would take 72 hours. Giving the memory time to get there and weekends, that’s 7 days. 168 hours as they like to put it. WTF!? I don’t mind so much… but I want my MEMORY DAMN IT! You don’t tell someone that the thing they’re looking forward to will happen in this time… then take double the time to accomplish it. It’s just cruel. Anyway… I’m taking back the RAM I have in my compter now because I need the money… so I’ll be without my baby for a couple days. I’ll be using a crappy machine in it’s stead. My computer will be back friday night… I hope…