Show the world my quality

Yeah, and exclusive sneak peak for anyone who happens to look here. I just posted the my website. I worked on it almost all day on Tuesday, and have something that reasimbles what it will look like, the layout still needs a little tweaking. And I’m not far enough along with content to make it worth anyones while to tell friends about it in a massive scale yet. Have a look-see. The concept is there… there is one broken link that I’m aware of(ironicly it’s the live journal link). When that happens just click refresh and things will go back as they should be.

Anyway, I’m tired… it’s all in my head. I wonder if that’s a usual thing for one to admit about ones self? I’ve been confused, belittled, and felt like a moron so many times since joining this new job. On one hand I enjoy the challenge, on the other hand I’m a guy who usually hears nothing but praise about my computer smarts. It’s a little un-nerving going back to being the child, going over the rules to your favorit game on a level of intricusy that makes your head spin. You should see some of the model numbers on mother boards and chipsets and sockets and memory types and expansion slots. I understand each of them of course, but I don’t have every individual product detail out there memorised for random access. But at this rate I will. Then I’ll be an uber-nerd. For the mean time, I’m going to sleep.

D in the H… Hillsboro that is

Well, I don’t work at Emoh De Pot any more. I only found out Saturday nightout when I checked the schedule. They took me off without telling me about it. Why am I not surprised. Actually I don’t care, not like I was emotionaly bonded to the place, I have so much interest in home maintainance you know. I’m happy to think that I wont be working for a Coorprate money machine any more. w00tage.

Spent my day off yesterday screwing around with Frontpage and made a layout for my website that I can be happy with. Only thing is that even though it worked in Frontpage, it came up with an error in Internet Explorer, and the spacing is completely off in FireFox. Sigh. I hate fixing bad code. Yeah, I got frustrted with Flash… and my friend is right, it doesn’t look as crisp or clean as CSS and HTML no matter what I try. Most probably don’t understand that… don’t worry, my web site will attempt to explain everything in beginner detail. That’s my idea, to make a web site that’ll help the average cyber-joe understand various computer workings… you’ll see.

Make sure you check out the latest StrongB, it was kinda funny. It’s no Dangeresque… but it maked me chuckle. You can’t expect brilliance every week.

Or Can You?